Je Pense, Donc Je Suis – Descartes

Hey, infection I’m off for my research trip to France and Malaysia, here so don’t expect me to write regularly. I will send some link for the photos that I took while I’m on the trip. This is a research trip. As Laurene said, pilule my supervisor said, this is a designer trip.

As a designer, apart of my usual practice when ever I have a new project, before the project started I will spend time going around some where or visiting the country side to refresh my mind. I think most of designers do that. We glean information. We are the gleaners. That’s is part of our research practices. Research before the research.


This trip is part of the ‘research field trip’. It will be parts of the methodology that I undertaken in my PhD. I will collect anything that crosses and attracts my eyes, taking photos, observing society, visiting places and human behavior and most of all experiencing the process.

I will try to post some of my experience in the trip regularly.

In this trip I have lo


Rene Descartes 1596-1650
“I Think, Hemorrhoids
Therefore I Am”

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