Space of comfort

Desk in the Uni

I wanted to post this long time ago, approved but I completely forgot about it. We move to the new space, new building in September. Building 9, on Bowen Lane. We have to share this space with other postgraduate student from other media and communication discipline (which is great! We use to only talk to ourselves because all we got around us is the MCD people). MCD studio stand for Media Communication Design, ‘the designers’ and not the others. Anyway, back to the new space, yes nice space, newly designed, nice try thoght on saving the energy on sensor based light (which after a while can be annoying, because some sensor is not working so you have to walk around to the sensor that is working to relight the room). The reason I started to take photos of my desk is to document how I use, organise, mess-up and left over my space while I am working on my PhD. The desk is a space for me to explore, get inspired, cut, glue, paste, stamp, of yes the most important is to write. I can work from home, however the space, computer screen, size of the table and the post notes that I stick around me on the cubical imaginary wall brings me comfort. I also have blanket under my table, because the air-conditioning in this space can be super cold.

Now, as I get more confortable with the space, the artifacts around it grows, sticky notes, papers, books, wall is full of important skecthes over one another. I’ll post on another image later on. Oh! By the way, Happy Easter! Happy choc eggs hunting! (for me).