Designer’s contribution

The last time I wrote, approved I did questioned the designers role and contribution in the societies. Last week, in Melbourne, between the period of election time, there’s many of demonstration going around the Melbourne CBD. It’s amazing to see how many design have been created to visualized the ideas. I believe designers does play important roles in communicating the main ideas to the public through their creation. How can this situation communicate without the visual?

War on Nuclear in front of the Melbourne State Library. 


Copyright, tag line and words is also important to be clear and be able to create ‘noise’. What is the ‘noise’? Regarding to Frascara (2004) ‘Noise’ is any distraction that appears between the information and the public, thereby interfering with, distorting, obliteration, or hiding the message. In the case of communication design, noise can appear at the purely visual level, because of the elements or techniques that obscure the visibility of the stimuli presenting the information. It can also be caused at a semantic level, when the logic of the message does not match the cognitive culture of its intended audience.


Noise can exist in the channel (medium), the code (language), or the form (aesthetic or style). Noise is created by irrelevant information, obliterating elements, or poor technical quality. The consequence of noise can range from lack of clarity to the total incomprehensibility of a message.