Design in Malaysia – 50 years of independence!

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I know I should have wrote in August 31, men’s health but forgive me for not being able to do that, illness as I was in my field work trip in Malaysia, cialis 40mg experiencing the moment when Malaysia celebrates her indipendence. Of course it is big and well plan, for this year also is a year for visit Malaysia.


From the trip, I can see many advertisments, promotions, posters, banners etc. related to celebrates and promotes the nationhood. Newspaper, tourism, hotels and goverment department, each one of them plays their part in this show. I can also see each state in Malaysia compete with each other promoting their authentic products and speciality.


Malaysia have changed. If the main objective it to show the other Malaysia is changing, then it is succesful.Looking from designer eyes, i can see the evolution. The changes the design movement in Malaysia. Design is always there in Malaysia. It is just the acknowledgement that is lacking.

My first work in design is in 1994. I started as DTP(Desktop Publishing) Artist with a very low pay (RM350), although my Diploma is in Computer Graphic and Commercial art ( I got two diploma). I guess it does sound similar. My work is not much designing, it is more about cleaning the layout from client ( this is to make sure the layout is ready for printing film-color separation). Sometimes I get to do the small design work like creating logo for a product, but still this process is under monitor by the client. In a way I have to follow what the client want. After a year I’ve moved to another company that require a graphic artist. It is much better position as I get to do the design job, no more cleaning the layout for film processing. Then so on..moved and changed work. Through my working experience I always tried to make others understand the role of designer (at that time). The importance to trust the designer. And to differentiate between ‘designer’ and an ‘artist’. I guess in a way I’m educating others about the importance of design in society.

What I wanted to say here is, it’s been 50 years Malaysia gets her independence and I can see there are acknowledgement in the design field in Malaysia. Designer are much more appreciated than 20 years ago, not to the extend that it is much more appreciated than the professional position like doctor, engineers etc. but this should be enough to get going. There are ‘designer’ position in the goverment areas. More University and collages teaching design in Malaysia. And more people trying to define and understand the different between an ‘artist’ and’ designer’.

This lead me to this question- How can this knowledge contribute in creating the culture of design in Malaysia?