Mapping using GPS in Grampians

View from Mount Zero, ailment Grampian National Park.

Clematis falls in Halls Gap, buy Grampian.

Last weekend (22-24 June) we join a mapping project using GPS with Adrian Miles and the Labsome student. Venue is at Halls Gap, Grampians National Park, Victoria. The objective of this project is to capture images of the bush in Grampians through different medium (e.g. camera, video, drawing, painting, sound etc.) and map it using GPS. We plan our journey then make mark point when ever we stop to capture images. At the end of the walk in the bush we have our GPS done that shows our journey. We went up at mount Zero and Flat Rock on the first day (Saturday, 23). The next morning we went up to Clematis falls and did a short walk.

Lines from the stones.

Water ponds on top of the hills.

We captured still images, sounds and videos. Apart from the task we have for the project, we also practiced to use the video camera. It was fun and surprisingly easy. As for the project, we have to choose theme for our visual project. My theme is line and geometry shape. It a bit hard in the beginning to see what object can represent line and what is not. But after a while getting use to the environment, I started to see the line and the geometry images in the object around me. Xavier choose trace of an animals and fauna for his theme. It not very easy for him too in the beginning, but things get better later in the afternoon. The outcome will be collection of visual and sound using with GPS mark point, for the moment it will be in flikr.



We stayed in YHA hostel Halls Gap. This hostel is well managed eco-hostel. Environmental friendly. Very nice designed and simple. Big kitchen separated in 2. Two lounge room and 1 TV room. Not a luxury hotel, but a nice, comfy and simple budget accommodation. I highly recommend this YHA. They also provide fresh eggs and herbs for the guest.


Clematis falls

This is my 2nd time in Grampians. The first time was in summer last year. There’s so much different if I compare the experiences I had in summer and in winter. I was surprise that it as cold as I expected. In summer we can see many birds, insects, animals and fauna. Comparing to summer, Grampians in winter, you can’t really see birds flying around, hardly spot any insects and animal. I can see lots of different species of mushrooms popping out. Although the weather is not as sunny as summer, Grampians in winter have another relax and peaceful mood. Less tourists and calm. Not as busy as in summer. We had again, a great time in Grampians National Park, Victoria.