GRC June ’07


Time flies so fast. It’s over! The GRC I’ve been waiting for now finished. It went well, more about I think? Of course there are many more work to do on my research but at least I presented my last 6 months project and get good respond and feedback.

Yoko finished her PhD and now waiting for the feedback and perhaps to do a bit of changes for re-submition. She did well in the examination presentation. Neal and Keith also finished their Masters in Design. They did well although I did’nt have chances to go, more info too busy preparing my presentation.

I have to work on my probes for my trave, and I have only 2 months to do that. Well I guess it is more than enough. I also have to get my ethics done asap and plan my trip. I feel so relief after the presntation. I also thinkI need to read more on design theory and methodology. I think this is important in order to lead me into designers mode instead of research mode.

I need to present my research from communication designer point of view instead of social science or ethnographer. (that’s what Cameron said) which I agree if I want my PhD to be a PhD in Communication design.


In my presentation I spoke about my finding from the forum. I know that I need to related the finding to my next project. How do I do that? Any thought?

If you want to see my presentation download the pdf file below:


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