Questions about Communication Design

Every monday here in Meanwhile.. we postgraduate student of Communication Design in RMIT will meet and discuss about topic related to communication design, pulmonologist our research and other people work.

This week is about our research background. All of us is doing our research from the point of view of communication design. But not one of us actually understand what is Communication design?

Laurene send us list of big question that she didn’t expect us to answer now, diet but to start thinking about them. The questions are…
1. What is communication design? What is unique, there special or particular to this design field?
2. How is it different and/or how does it relate to other design fields?
3. Design can be describe as a communication practice – so if that is the case, what is it about communication design?
4. How does research contribute to this field? And what methods or approches can enable knowledge in this field?

Two key ways that research and practice are now being evaluated by governments and funding bodies are:
What kind of knowledge is being produced through the actions?
And, how does this knowledge relate to the end users of its creation?

What kind of knowledge are you producing and what informs this?
Who is your research for and how will contribute to their lived experience?
You may be your user – but then what?