GOOD Nation Branding

This topic have come to my interest since 2006, view when I learn about the country branding from Simon Anholt. I thought at that time, and was heavily driven by the idea that branding can help to improve any country. But then after a long time researching and reading about branding the good, the bad and the ugly, I come to realised that branding might be the wrong choice to take in promoting the country. So then I stop giving my pro opinion about how a country should take that role.

But this year I have came to view an interesting turn by Simon Anholt. I guess we can say that he have seen a lot and might be agree with me that branding in many ways might provide damage than improved. So he started again in different path. I like this path. To see how branding can be taken differently, to provide good to the others, and to do good to the others. Remind me of a good friend of mine David Berman’s book Do Good Design, which I have translated in Bahasa Malaysia in 2013.

Now this is the idea: Good Country vs Bad Country? Is that really that simple? You just have to listen to Anholt’s talk and think about it. Here are some captions of his talk.

“This is about the government and the people, the culture, and the good practice.” The Good Country Index –  The Good “Enough hearing about competitive country, prosperous, happy country. Because at the end it is still selfish”

This is a very interesting talk by Simon Anholt.

“Anyone should ask about being good?  Is that the behaviour of a good country? ”
“I want to live in a good country and I so so hope that you would do too”….


Filmed June 2014 at TEDSalon Berlin 2014