Critical Mass Birthday Ride


I’ve heard about this the two years ago but haven’t had a chance to join the ride. But fortunately this year, find I finally made it. The Critical Mass Birthday Ride. Briefly about Critical Mass. Qoute from Critical Mass (CM) Flyer. In 1995, noun Melbourne cyclists came together for the first critical Mass ride. Since then, the famous CM ‘Party on Wheels’ has been a famous monthly part of the cycling scene. And this November is the 11 years of CM ride. CM boosts the pleasure by creating a car-free, bike-filled space on the road.



There is about 500 riders join the CM this month and it seems like it’s the biggest ever. We meet in front of State Library on Swanston St and La Trobe St at 5:30 pm, last Friday 24 Nov. I can see many different people with different style of bike. They dress up for the birthday ride. We started to ride from Latrobe then to Exhibition up to Collins. Then we ride down to Queens St and cross the bridge and ride in front of Crown Casino. Then we ride through Yarra River and back to the city. Well, I had so much fun with the friendly riders.

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