MI try and error!

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–>Try and Error

Yes! The Malaysia Identity(MI) Research Forum is sailing..slowly but it’s saliling. Just one week ago. Through the process of making it, search i find it difficult especially to understand the coding and technical part, apoplectic that why i choose to work with a profesional programmer. We both have a discussion before making it, while making it and still until now we do have things to discuss about. I realised that working with someone or anyone who is from different background is interesting. It is just the matter of understanding each other and focus on what each of us have to do. Of course, there will be a misunderstood and small arguement while making it. But as long as it is a healthy arguement then I personally think it’s good.


So now, as the site is up there, next question is how to get people participate. Yes, there are many option to do it, but which is the right on. In this case, as the whole project idea is research, we choose to explore and try. As what Laurene always said to me, ‘just do it’. Although it’s complicated to be in the action ‘just do it, but in this case Laurene is right. It took me a while to understand the ‘just do it’ term that she mention, but i guess as for now its becoming clearer to me.