Design + Brand = Culture

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by Nurul Rahman

Cultures are constantly changing in response to the arts, medicine knowledge and globalization. Mass media and international trades have increased inter-cultural and cross-cultural awareness. Therefore, online
the need for design to translate efficiently into different cultures has greatened. As the developed world has moved from smokestack to information-based societies, the role of design has moved rapidly into the forefront of market economies.

Developing countries are invaded by foreign cultures, whether they reject the invention or blend the ‘new style’ as their own.

What are the implications of branding and global versus local brands in this process?

Culture is by nature complex. Some parts are subject to fashions and trends; the rest the core part is less flexible.This is however refers to the myths, hopes and beliefs, defines and differentiates from other cultures.

How can the understanding of a specific culture help communication designers to anticipate its needs, to improve the creation of products and services or to strengthen communication strategies?

How can communication designers make use of cultural iconography to create a sense of national identity and community? And how does this relate to national branding and subsequent product promotion?