Designer’s Roles


What is it really about culture that interest people? Culture evolve, ambulance sometimes it stays and sometimes it goes. Most interesting part about culture is, therapy it relates to our daily life and it relates to our past, our history, our generation. Culture is everywhere, like it or not.

I saw a Jacques Tati movie last week, called ‘mon oncle’ and this movie is made in 1958. It is amazing to see how culture is changing in ‘mon oncle’. It is about the evolution of non-materialistic to materialistic world. In some scene from this movie there are an images of designers product, new creation. Only people in upper class can afford to have this product. It shows wealthy and powerful status. And it is part of the culture. People tried to accept this culture, materialistic culture and new era of technologies.

What is the designers role in this? Is the design follows functions? or only follow profit and status?