Design thinking are we?

This semester I started teaching and supervising final year student and postgraduate students. All of the sudden I have limited time for research and even time to spend writing and posting in this blog. Times just fly and now I am at my third weeks of my teaching. And currently I am supervising eight final year students, nurse two Masters and one PhD. My post today will be more on discussion about my final year graphic design students. As I go through with them in groups once a week and individually once every two weeks, viagra sale I realised that the level of design thinking is very low. Yes the students are very talented, stuff as they should be because that is how they get to be excepted in the School of the Arts, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, but in terms of their knowledge in constructing ideas, they seems lost. I think the biggest challenge in teaching design in Malaysia is the about the design thinking. To empower the creativity and use it in various ways. To also understand that design is not only about creating layout for print or for online, the space, the color, the principles but also the purpose, the rational and most importantly how the whole design process and outcome can contribute to the society. I think designer need to rethink about the designer’s tagline, “design is about problem solving”. I think design is not about solving the problem but to facilitate the situation by proposing several ways to manage it. Nothing can be solved, what designer was doing before was just trying to solve problem. Most of the time by doing so, another problem arise. In creating the awareness of design thinking to the students I think it will be a long new journey by reshuffling the course syllabus, the way of thinking and the way of doing. Designer need to be able to questions and critics not only about design but also about what’s happening around them. Remember design is not just for fun or for the glam, but it is about people, and what it can do to the people, individual, society and the county.