Talking about archiving, moving on to digital… are we?

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A very close friend of mind introduced pivot on silverlight, as a tool to work on my archiving work, which is really an ideal apps so far. Now, we’re collaborating on my print artifacts and see how far can we digitalise and organise them accordingly. Interesting project, and so far get got some funding to support our project. Soon it will be out there for everybody to share. This video will explain a bit more on Pivot.

Now, as much as this digital archiving is important, the roots of this digital archives also needs to be preserved, and moving site by side with digital world. The hard copies needs to be kept, because there is always need for some areas study, to study the material, pre-press printing techniques, trapping, binding etc. Both will be able to inform each other and educates people in different ways. The skills and technology to preserved these artifacts need to be learn and taught, just in case… we never know what will happen next. The traditional old school’s skills and techniques is on demand!