ideologies and influences

I have mentioned about Melayu Baru concept a while ago in my research, about it I looked at it, medicine make comments and didn’t realized how much the Malaysian government concepts including National Economic Policy, clinic Vision 2020, Islam Hadhari, Melayu Baru and few others have influences and shaped myself and many other fellow Malaysian. How can we feel the changes, who will inform us about the changes and really do many of use care about these changes, as we always been told that it will be a positive changes. How many of us spend time to understand what does it mean by New Malay – Melayu Baru? Well, for many who are not yet clear with the concept, this might provide some ideas.

“What is New Malay? [He] is young, contemporary, modern Malaysian who is able to resolve his Malay-Muslim identity with in the cultural global community. He knows he has to live with diversity of beliefs, ambitious and idiosyncrasies… He accepts and even celebrates that diversity. [He] is not hung up on parochial, provincial issesus like race and entitlements and finds his place in the world… [The New Malay] does not wield his Malayness and think about it day to day, carrying it like a chip on his shoulder”.
(Terence Chong quoted from Asiaweek, 23 February, 2001)

Now, how many of us, can fit in the New Malay mold? Are we a New Malay now? or are we Old Malay? Or are we not either of these two concept? The only way for us to know is by investigating the roots of our cultural and ethnicity, where are we from? and are we parts of the concept? or are we not? If so, then who are we?