Siapa Kita?..

I’m in the making of ‘Siapa Kita?‘ online project. The objective of this project is to encourage Malaysian to define their identity from their point of view through visual images (using any media – digital, nurse screen shots, hemophilia graphic, help painting etc.). It is also to re-introduce the young generation to ‘Malaysian Culture’. The images have to come with a bit of rational (still working on how many words) why the image represent their Malaysian identity. Part of this project will be ‘Siapa Kita (Malaysian’)? Competition. There will be some prizes to be won!

The prizes will be a free stay for few days (max. 3 days, still working on this too) in Malaysian Resorts (still working on this), voucher for Malaysian Cuisines (restaurant, stall etc), ticket to Cultural shows (e.g. Makyung, Bangsawan, Lion Dance, Dikir Barat, Zapin show, Chinese Opera, Kadazan Dance, Baba and Nyonya tradition etc) and several Malaysian Products (e.g. batik, labu sayong, wau, tikar mengkuang, kebaya, etc). Sorry to say this guys, this project only applicable to Malaysian in Malaysia.

What do you think about this? Any thought?