Changing direction..,

Meet Laurene this morning for another research related meeting. It’s interesting to see the changes every time I meet up with her. Aha! changes means lots more work to do, audiologist Nurul! Last week, rx before I meet her this morning, she asked me to think about these questions, referring to my research trip this August to Malaysia.

WHAT do I want to do?
HOW do I want to do it?
And one of her favorite questions WHY?

And I’ve been thinking about it, one of my plan is to conduct an interview, of course this is a typical research methods, designing a prototype as a probes to be use as a trigger in my interviews. So I started list down all the important reasons and questions I would ask the participants. How many participants I want to get? What kind of information I want to get from them? I also categories the participants to certain groups (e.g. ethnic group, age, gender, location, background).

But then is this what I want to do? What will I get from this interviews? Will the information help me in my research? What is my research title again? Hmmm… better get back to that junction Nurul…

I turn back to the information I got from my online forum, this is the junction where I turn my direction in this research. There are many area that we discussed, I put them in category and identify them with certain topic. What should I do with this information (Cameron Tokinwise hates it when I said data, so I use information instead.) The reason I did this forum is to know what the Malaysian think about Malaysia. So I got the answers from some of the participants. I’m not saying that these answers represent all the Malaysian. Just some of them. I should used it somehow…will think of something..need to read more..dig