New research title

I’ve changed again my research title for the third time, this web or perhaps few times. The previous one sounds confiused. I guess its because I’m confiused, researching about Malaysia, the people, politics, theory and many other things happen around makes me confiused. The new title now is more accurate and more relevant to I want plan to do next. Branding Malaysia? Thinking to understand the evolution of Malaysian Identity between 1957-2007.

My next project is still in the brainstorming process. Although I do have some ideas in mind. It’s a visual mapping project on Malaysian Identity from 1957 (Malaysia get the independence) until now 2007. This mean mapping visual images of Malaysia in 50 period of time. I’m thinking of a way to get some help from others to getthe visual images apart from my trip back to Malaysia soon this year. Plan to go back to Malaysia is to travel around some part of Malaysia and do some research work there like interviews, visual collection, and perhaps plan for exhibition.

Well at this point, I have to prepare things for my next GRC which will be in two weeks time. Then I will start to plan my project….


Calling malaysians home and away – send in your short merdeka wishes and share it with the world – M50

Send in images and share your thought about Malaysia 50 years of Independence.