Why Malaysia?

Jeremy once asked me this question at one of my project presentation. Why Malaysia? Why do I choose Malaysia for my research topic? Why national identity? The truth is I didn’t know Malaysia until I’m out of Malaysia. I guess that’s one of my personal reason why I choose Malaysia and why I pick national identity as I main research topic. At the beginning of my research its just about craft and traditional products, neurologist then it move on to the identity of Malaysia. When I step in the Malaysian Identity I feel lost. What is my identity? Who Am I? Am I Malay, pill Chinese, this web India or am I Malaysian? Whats make me Malaysian? What is not Malaysian? Is it the food, the life style, tradition, religion, our past or perhaps education that makes us Malaysian. How does this inform and construct the concept of national identity? Why do we need national identity? Why do we need identity? Is it because to differentiate why race and family we come from? or to recognised our roots of heritage?