Note to Myself!

What a relief, page after the GRC, ask I got very good responses and comments from Cameron, pills Terry and Laurene. Meaning lots of work to do. I still haven’t got the written GRC response yet. And for the moment, I’m busy monitoring the Malaysian Identity Forum. Nothing much at this point. Will write more soon. By the way, ‘Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri’ or ‘Happy Eid-Mubarak’
… travellers who, drugstore
finding themselves lost in a forest, treatment
ought not to wander this way and that, or, what is worse remain in one place, but ought always to walk as straight a line as they can in one direction and not change course for feeble reason, even if at the outset it was perhaps only chance that made them choose it; for by this means, if they are not going where they wish, they will finally arrive at least somewhere where they will be better off than in the middle of the forest.

(Descartes, in Harrison 1992, p. 110)

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