Brain Stroming Ideas!

At the moment, approved I’m working on a research website. This research aims to identify what is Malaysian Identity. I will also look at the national and cultural identity, lifestyle and malaysian elements or style in product creation. Designing a website is not my area at all. As a communication designers it’s a nightmare for months. I do really hope that this is worth it.

Recently Malaysian goverment is making lots of afford into branding Malaysia. But before that, didn’t they think about the identity? What is the elements of Malaysia that will makes interest to others? How the cultural identity can be identify and be useful in branding Malaysia?

In the brain storming process these are the questions that i’ve asked myself..

What about the identity of Malaysia that we want to project to others?

How designers can assists in developing Malaysian product through their creation or design strategies.

What are the element of identity, that can be apply in the product to represent the country?