What is Entreprenuership?

This words was born recently and now it has been use widely around the world expecially in US culture as being a critical component of its capitalistic society. Is entreprenuer is another word for branding. Its in bussiness world and the main mission is to gain profit.

Defining entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is someone who organizes a system to create a product or service in order to gain profit. However though there is a general sense that entrepreneurship involves the establishment of a new venture while adopting some of the risk, order
there is no common definition as the word has been used many ways in many times. Some scholars of entrepreneurship, caries
such Prof. W. Long have tried to develop a definition by looking at the historical use of the word, and
as it evolved (outcart 2000). Perhaps the first person to create a theory about entreprenurs would be Schumpeter, although instead of using the French word adopted by the American literature, he used the German word “unternehmer”.

Taken from – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Entrepreneur#Defining_entrepreneur

There are more about being as an entreprenuer, as I will continue later..soon!